Sunday walks and Sunday roasts

Rising early on a Sunday gives ample time to while away the hours on a peaceful stroll around Richmond Park. There is something quite magical about being surrounded by nature as the dawn breaks, and as the saying goes ‘a good day starts with a good morning’. With a delicious Sunday Roast waiting for you a stone’s throw away at Richmond Hill Hotel, walking is a great way to build your appetite for guilt-free indulgence.

The largest park in London was created in the 17th century by Charles I as a deer park; Richmond Park still thrives today as a nature reserve with over 630 red and fallow deer roaming freely. For those who think New York’s Central Park is bigger, it isn’t. Richmond Park is around three times the size. There is so much to explore in Richmond Park, here are some sights to note…

Red and fallow deer

These glorious creatures can be enjoyed all year round, and also play wonderful extras in the background of wedding photos. It is advised to stay at least 50m away from deer, especially during rutting season which takes place between late September and early November.

Beverly Brook

One of London’s minor rivers, Beverly Brook’s name derives from the Old English for beaver and stream. It runs part way through Richmond Park and has been recently restored by Friends of Richmond Park.

Adam’s Pond

A beautifully tranquil spot nearest to the East Sheen Gate. There are about 30 ponds in Richmond Park, of which Adam’s Pond is one.

The Isabella Plantation

The plantation is a truly beautiful woodland garden, created after World War II. It is organically run which has resulted in wild and stunning flora and fauna. It’s a place of fairy-tales.

Download a map of Richmond Park and plan your Sunday stroll:

Sumptuous Sunday Roasts

After all those miles, lunch is taken care of and we promise you our Sunday roasts are absolutely divine. Choose from Surrey Farm beef, garlic and rosemary lamb, lemon and thyme chicken or nut roast wellington. All roasts are served with maple roasted carrots, roast potatoes, cabbage, a fluffy Yorkshire pudding and roasting jus. Our desserts menu is also very tempting, if you have space, and includes brioche and butter pudding, donut delights and winter fruit crumble.

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