Our favourite walking routes in Richmond

We're all considering ways to lead a healthier life out of lockdown. At Richmond Hill Hotel, we're lucky to be based just steps away from the Royal park, and our daily walks through these beautiful surroundings are a fantastic way to get some exercise done while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Whether you're an avid rambler or simply looking to take things slow, here are some of our favourite walking routes in Richmond...

Tamsin Trail | Best for a seeing of the best of Richmond Park

This route will allow you to see every corner of Richmond Park. It includes climbs and some inclines along the path, but nothing too heavy. You will walk around 7.35 miles, it normally takes around 3 hours to complete, but it might take you more if you decide to stop and admire the views in great spots such as King Henry’s Mound or Sawyer’s Hill, which would make you to do a short detour, but totally worth it!

From Richmond Hill Hotel to Petersham terrace | Best for a lovely view over the Thames

Start the route from Richmond Hill Hotel, head down Richmond Hill and turn left, go along the river Thames, you will walk across Petersham Meadows and up to Petersham terrace. This route if you go and back is 3 miles long.

Beverley Brook walk | Best for a quick stroll

This path starts in Putney and ends in Wimbledon. It is a 1.5 mile long so it will take you less than an hour to complete. A beautiful whistle stop tour of Richmond Park you’ll , walk along the Beverly Brook river where you will be able a real show of nature, with willow trees and kingfishers included.

From Richmond Station to Ham House | Best for seeing historical sites

Start the route from Richmond Station you need to turn left and go towards Richmond Hill. When you arrive at the beginning instead of heading up, turn right and go along the river Thames, you will walk across Petersham Meadows and up to Petersham terrace. From there you need to keep going towards Ham House through Ham Avenues. At the end of it you will see the beautiful Ham house and its Garden, if you have time, visit the house as it is totally worth it. If you want to keep on walking follow the Thames path back to Richmond station.This route is 2.9 miles long, it will take you around two hours to complete.

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