Wake up, Walk & Roast

The days are getting longer, the sunlight is brighter and it is feeling warmer. Summer is fast approaching this truly magical place! To enjoy the area of Richmond and its park, surrounded by blooming colours and the smell of fresh grass… Sundays are the days to recharge yourself and to relax with a walk that features iconic views with a mix of history and eclectic antiques. Simply to unwind to the end of the week and welcome the following one, enjoying the time with your loved ones…

The love we have on Sundays for roast is infinite. A meal that reunites people and reinforces our culture... At 144 On The Hill, we are keen on reducing our environmental footprint, we support the locally sourced products and discover the local interests on foot! Not to forget our beef sourced from a Surrey farm and the Creedy Carver free range chicken, organically sourced and great quality.

Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve and deer park with 630 Red and Fallow deer roaming freely since 1637 in 2,500 acres of park land. It has so many picturesque viewpoints, with many calm and beautiful walks to go through Richmond, which seem like you are entering parts of different worlds.

Hunting ground for generations of Kings. Walking up the historic hill named ‘Henry’s Mound’ from where you can see the uninterrupted view of the City of London and St Paul’s Cathedral 10 miles away. We want you to discover some secret places from Richmond park that you cannot miss. With the most picturesque viewpoints, walking among ancient trees, that can’t fail to inspire you with its history, beauty and wildlife.

Come to discover the spot thought to be where King Henry VIII stood on 19 May 1536 to watch a rocket fired from the Tower of London. This was the signal that his wife Anne Boleyn had been executed for treason and he would be able to marry Lady Jane Seymour.

The Terrace Gardens located opposite the Richmond Hill Hotel and beneath a row of grade 11 listed Georgian terraced house owned by the aristocracy and the famous. Views of the river Thames, Twickenham Rugby ground, Orleans Park and Ham House is protected by an act of Parliament since 1902.

The Ancient Thames meadow view, inspired famous British painters Joshua Reynolds, Turner and Sir Walter Scott. Royalty have taken an interest in Richmond since the 15 but it was Charles 1 who moved there to get away from the plague and made Richmond his Hunting ground.

You will find Reston Lodge, one of the famous Petersham historical homes frequently visited by Admiral Lord Nelson, built on Tommy Steel corner, opposite Richard E. Grant's house and the Petersham nurseries.

One of the largest Royal Parks from London, a 7 mile walk with its truly magical woodland landscape has been a source of inspiration for many poets, musicians and local artists.

The perfect ending with a Sunday Roast

Richmond Hill Hotel stands in an area of natural beauty, take a look at its scenery and finish the day with a succulent Roast at 144 On The Hill.

Come to discover our new dining experience exclusively on Sundays and don’t forget to book in advance (email us on booking@144onthehill.co.uk or call us on 020 8940 2247).