"To eat is vital, but to eat well is divine!"

A burst of colours and flavours ready for the Summer Brunching Season at 144 On The Hill

Everyone knows that the first meal of the day is the most important one. For family, friends or to share with a special one! 144 On The Hill is the idyllic place for a fashionably late-morning feast. It is the perfect location to finish it with a green walk at Richmond Park.

We are fans of pairing some delicious food with English wines and locally inspired cocktails, our Bottomless Brunch is the way to go. Choose one of our dishes and a free flowing prosecco or Bloody Mary, you choose! We have picked our six favourites that taste as amazing as they look:

1. Sautéed Mushrooms, Seeded sourdough toast, chilli flakes

This palatable combination is our vegan beloved, specially for its chilly sprinkles!

2. Poached Eggs & Crushed Avocado, with sourdough toast

The super-silky yolks, melting into the smashed avo over the crusty bread are a must for a classy Sunday Brunch, don’t you think?

3. Fruit Plate, Lavender infused honey & yogurt

There is no better combination than our fresh honey with lavender and a dash of natural yogurt with fresh fruit... Scent it, taste it, indulge it!

4. Porridge, Maple Syrup & fresh fruit

Adding some syrup and fresh fruit on our hot bowl oatmeal will give you the energy and health benefits to kickstart the day or to replenish your muscles after a workout at the park.

5. Bacon Pancake Stack

Fluffy pancakes as the base, topped up with our finest sticky bacon will water your mouth in a slow-mo scene when pouring the maple syrup.

6. Berry Pancake Stack

If you are a berry lover with a sweet tooth, these pancakes are to-die-for! Ideal to be shared or self-indulged.

Sunday Brunch is served from 11.30am - 14.30pm. Take a look at our full menu here and book a table with our team here (email booking@144onthehill.co.uk or give us a call on 020 8940 2247).