Detox your conference in beautiful Richmond

Our top tips to a conference that ticks all the wellbeing boxes...

Head outside - whether it's a group picnic in the park, an energising run along the riverside, or simply taking in the beautiful sights of Richmond Park, heading outside during your event will help you refresh your mind and body.

Socialise - dedicate some time to engaging with your colleagues in a relaxed, social setting, as well as a professional one. Enjoy a group dinner in our Pembrokes Restaurant or plan a team activity such as kayaking on the river or a trip to one of the many local attractions such as Hampton Court Palace or Ham Polo.

Hydrate - as much as we recommend that well earned cocktail at the end of a busy conference day, making sure you're consuming enough water throughout the day is the most important thing. Staying hydrated will help improve your concentration and your energy levels. We provide unlimited mineral water for conference delegates here at Richmond Hill Hotel so no need to worry about stocking up.

Eat well - nutrition comes hand in hand with hydration and making sure you eat well and often enough will keep you feeling at your best throughout your conference. Beginning a busy day with a great breakfast is invaluable and we have everything you will need to set yourself up for the day in our breakfast buffet.

Switch off - give yourself some time to unwind after a busy conference day. Have a rest or listen to some music, we recommend our Conference Cool Down playlist on Spotify, our soundtrack to unwinding.

Be active - whether it's a quick personal yoga session in your room, team cycle along the riverside, or a long walk through Richmond Park, fitting some exercise into your schedule will keep you focused and energised.

Rest - Enjoy a well earned rest in our sumptuous Heal's beds once you've retired to your room for the night. A deep, restful sleep will allow you to properly recharge, setting you up to make the most of your event in beautiful Richmond.

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