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As we begin another year with a chance to set goals and intentions for the coming months, the new year’s resolution on most people’s lists is to do more exercise. There are many reasons why people decide to embrace health and fitness in January; whether it’s an over-indulgent Christmas, an upcoming wedding or holiday to work towards or even just wanting to improve physical and mental wellbeing in general, there are huge benefits in making small changes to your routine. In a world of hectic work schedules and long hours, it’s not surprising that getting active can become a lower priority for most people. The reasons most often cited for not exercising are no time and no access to equipment bu

The Rise of Hotel Hot-Desking

Alison Edwards, Director of Sales at The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel A few years ago, if you had asked your boss to ‘work remotely’, it would’ve been met with certain scepticism. Preconceived notions of you unenthusiastically replying to emails in your pyjamas whilst really watching daytime television would’ve seen your request swiftly and firmly denied. Luckily times have changed and the traditional 9 to 5 desk shackles have been loosened creating a new wave of flexible working. We are living in an age of constant connectivity meaning that work can happen anywhere at any time and younger generations, most significantly millennials, grow up expecting flexible and remote work as a

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