Real Wedding Judit and Jason's Crisp and Even Winter Wedding

Finding 'The One'... It took us around 15 years of being together to finally get married, we first met in Kingston in a bar down by the river in 2002, and on Christmas day 2010 Jason finally popped the question, then 8 years later we set the date for a Christmas winter wedding. We looked at a few venues but they did not feel right for us, but when we first walked into the Richmond Hill Hotel it felt right for us and when we was being shown round we just kept smiling at each other as we knew this is where we wanted to get married. Styling... With the Christmas winter wedding idea we went for silvers, whites and greys, the hotel was going to put up Christmas trees so we was set for our own win

Top Ten Wedding Gifts

What to get the bride and groom can be the toughest decision for any wedding guest. (After what to wear, of course!) Lists are getting shorter as the preference seems to be in favour of a monetary offering over registries. It is advisable to try and stick to the list but if like most people, you leave everything to the last minute, you may prefer to opt for a more meaningful present that creates memories for years to come and reflects your friendship. After all it's the thought that counts! Here are ten top ideas to make your gift memorable - 1) Picnic in the Park A blanket, some delicious and perfectly presented food and wine and a few outdoor games makes for an enjoyable and relaxing time.

10 Things You Need To Know About Sleep

Sleep is either one of those things you give little thought to, dropping into bed most nights and sleeping without difficulty. Then there are those for whom sleep is elusive, who struggle to get through the night without waking, possibly tossing and turning, worrying or suffering from insomnia. If you’re an insomniac, the thought of sleep probably haunts your every waking moment. Going without sleep is miserable, makes you emotional and unproductive, and for busy working people, it can be make or break in the success of the working day sometimes. It’s time to take sleep seriously! Our bodies need good quality sleep, just like they need good nutrition and regular exercise. Unfortunately, we a

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